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Booking worldwide bed & breakfasts on your smartphone or tablet? With B&B Global: the new app for Android and iPhone (iOS) you can do it fast and easy. Put the app on your smartphone or tablet and choose from over 1.3 million rooms and apartments worldwide. Wherever you are, with B&B Global you can book a nearby bed & breakfast in no time.

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Spending the night in a bed and breakfast in Argentina

Argentina: Bed and breakfast in Foz do Iguacu

Spending the night in a bed & breakfast in Argentina.

Thundering waterfalls, extensive nature reserves and gigantic ice glaciers: these are just the corner of the veil of what Argentina has to offer. All over Argentina you find beautiful bed and breakfasts, pensions and guest rooms. You will really discover the diversity of Argentina if you take a tour through this versatile country. Continue reading

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B&B in Australia: Make your holiday dreams come true!

B&B in Australia

Few countries appeal to the imagination the way Australia does.

Australia is synonymous with freedom, thanks to never-ending panoramas, stunning nature and roads that you can follow for hours without encountering another human being. Take the trip of a lifetime through Australia and stay in authentic bed & breakfasts, B&B’s and lodges. Continue reading

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Bed & Breakfast in Egypt: an unforgettable adventure

Bed & Breakfast in Egypt

It would be a good idea to hire a guide to help you visit all the best attractions.

If you’d like to get to know Egypt and its culture, book a holiday and stay in a bed & breakfast. Buy a good travel guide and treat yourself to an unforgettable adventure! Continue reading

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Bed and Breakfast in Canada: rugged and mind-blowing

Bed and Breakfast Canada

Bed & Breakfast at Niagara Falls: witness this thundering spectacle.

Canada is the ideal country to explore by campervan or hire car. Western Canada is perfect for a summer visit, while we recommend the east if you come during the autumn. For the best accommodation, stay in a friendly bed & breakfast (B&B), lodge or hostel. Continue reading

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