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Bed & breakfast bicycle

Sustainable idea: a bicycle for B&B-guests.

As a B&B owner you can do a lot on sustainability. With just small adjustments, you can make a difference. And if you put aside a certain amount of money each month, you can save up to invest in a bigger sustainability project for your bed & breakfast. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Bicycle offering
    By offering bicycles, your guests could get more stimulated to explore the environment without polluting it. By offering bicycles they are more likely to use this mean of transportation instead of a car or public transport.
  2. Rainwater harvesting
    You could install a rainwater harvesting system. This system operates by collecting water from roofs, storing it in an underground tank or a simple barrel, and pumping it up to a feeder tank. Toilets, washing machines and garden watering can all use water from the rainwater system. The pipe work for rainwater should be clearly marked to differentiate it from mains supply.
  3. Bulk amenities
    To save room amenities, you could replace your bathroom amenities with bulk dispensers and products. Generally, only half of bar soaps, shampoos and conditioners is used, the rest is trashed. By replacing the traditional amenities with bulk items, your waste volume will be reduced which eliminates the need for small plastic bottles which would otherwise find their way to the landfill.
  4. Energy efficient appliances
    The ultimate step for a B&B is to turn their normal appliances into sustainable ones. For example in the laundry, kitchen, HVAC, offices and guestrooms. This is a big investment at once, but will be earned back in the long run. In the end the investment will pay off, because of the energy efficient appliances that do not use as much energy as the old ones.

Is your bed and breakfast pretty sustainable already? Don’t forget to mention it in the description on your presentation page on! Many guests and business travelers appreciate environment friendly options and it can be just the reason they choose your accommodation.

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