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Google Street View on

Since recently we offer a very innovative feature to our subscribers with an extensive mention. Visitors of can now virtually walk through your street. Continue reading

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Surprise your guests with a European breakfast

Surprise your guests with a breakfast from the foreign cuisine! Breakfast is different in every European country so there is plenty of culinary inspiration out there. Here are three simple recipes for French, Dutch and Spanish delicacies to start with. Bon appétit!. Continue reading

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Which room rate fits your bed & breakfast best?

Determining a room rate: a tough job for a B&B-owner! Unfortunately, there’s no standard formula for this: bed & breakfasts differ too much from one another. However, there are some steps you can follow when determining your room rates.. Continue reading

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Wish to expand your B&B? Choose a tree trunk-B&B!

You know something’s hot, once designers connect their names to it. At B&B Expo in Brussels, we met with the ‘Design B&B’. A wooden garden house by the hand of the dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, well-known for his demolition wood furniture. Continue reading

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Starting a bed & breakfast: how much do you want it?

You’re dreaming of starting your own bed & breakfast. You would like to entertain nice people and let them enjoy your accommodation, a delicious breakfast and the surrounding area. A great intention, but running a B&B isn’t as romantic as you may think. Continue reading

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