B&B-discussion group welcomes 800th member

Bedandbreakfast.eu welcomes 800th member on LinkedIn

Bedandbreakfast.eu’s group on LinkedIn is popular among B&B owners.

The Bedandbreakfast.eu discussion group on the social network LinkedIn is growing fast. Last week we welcomed our eight hundredth group member! Join our discussion group too and talk about everything that is interesting for the involved, contemporary B&B-owner.

In the LinkedIn-discussion group, B&B-owners from all of Europe exchange their experiences. There are polls to join in and you can read news messages from Bedandbreakfast.eu. In short, it’s a cosy and useful community.

Registering on LinkedIn
To become a member of the discussion group, you first need to have an account on LinkedIn. Such an account is very easy to create: just follow this link, fill-out your name, e-mail address and a password.. Now you can join our discussion group and keep up with everything that’s interesting for B&B innkeepers! Join the discussion group >>

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