Every guest a review on Bedandbreakfast.eu

Review on Bedandbreakfast.eu

Guests who book by telephone, can write a review on Bedandbreakfast.eu too.

The more reviews, the better. Therefore, from now on, guests that make reservations with you outside of Bedandbreakfast.eu can also write a review. It’s very easy to make this happen.

Adding external bookings
Does a guest make a booking by telephone or via your own website? If you add this ‘external booking’ to your availability calendar, this guest will receive a review form from us after they get home. This is how it works:

  • In the owner service, go to ‘My Reservations’> ‘Reservation Requests’.
  • Click the button ‘Add Reservation’.
  • Fill out the information of the reservation.
  • In the upper part of your screen you can see that the status standardly says ‘Reservation’.
  • Click ‘Add’.

The reservation is now added to your overview and to the availability calendar.

More information
For more information about reviews and using Bedandbreakfast.eu’s reservation system, go to our list of frequently asked questions.

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