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The three most common questions people ask about owning a bed & breakfast

If you are thinking about beginning a bed and breakfast, chances are you love to meet new people, cook, entertain and take pride in your home. You would be unusual if you didn’t! Most people have questions (and fears) about making such a major change in their life, and the most common questions are discussed below.. Continue reading

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Buying a bed & breakfast B&B For Sale: why wait?

An economic crisis often means: postponement of your plans and dreams. But if you’re dreaming of starting a bed & breakfast, a crisis may very well be that little nudge you need. You can now buy a (second) home to start a B&B in for a very affordable price. Continue reading

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Starting a bed and breakfast: What about your mortgage?

You would like to start a bed and breakfast in your house. What does this mean for your mortgage? Do you need to report your B&B-plans with your bank? The terms can be different with every mortgage company. Therefore, check your mortgage and if needed, visit your bank. Continue reading

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Workshop starting a Bed & Breakfast: golden tips

On the B&B Expo in Brussels last weekend the workshop ‘starting a Bed & Breakfast’ took place. In an hour, Hanny Hoedemaker, founder of Bedandbreakfast.eu, pointed out the most important guide lines and marketing tips for B&B owners to be. Continue reading

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Bed & breakfast emerging in Europe

The phenomenon of bed & breakfast is flourishing in Europe. Research showed that during the past five years, many B&B’s were started. On January 5 2012, Bedandbreakfast. Continue reading

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