Holiday in Northern England, landscape of Harry Potter

Hadrius' Wall

Hadrians’ Wall, a legendary wall from the second century.

Do you like to combine culture and nature with cosy bed and breakfasts, then Northern England is the perfect destination for you. Discover all the ins & outs of The Beatles and Manchester United and explore the breath-taking Lake District. You will lack of nothing in your typical English bed and breakfast. Continue reading

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Bed and breakfast in Giethoorn: discover Dutch Venice

Venice of the Netherlands

In Giethoorn you find numerous fun bed and breakfasts. Which B&B would you choose?

From a bed and breakfast in Giethoorn you can climb aboard a little boat and start a voyage of discovery. After a magnificent boat trip along the idyllic canals and underneath low bridges it is lovely to get well-rested in a hospitable B&B in Giethoorn. It is the way to truly experience this Venice of the Netherlands! Continue reading

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Five adventurous road trips, including bed & breakfasts

Roadtrip B&B

The most magnificent countries with the best B&Bs!

How would you feel about taking a road trip through the most magnificent countries? Adventurous and comfortable, because during your travels you spend the night at various B&Bs. We’ve lined up five fun trips for you, so throw your suitcases in the car and let the adventure begin! Continue reading

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More guests for bed & breakfasts worldwide


Tourists are choosing a more social way of traveling. A B&B offers the personal experience they are seeking.

Bed & breakfasts worldwide experience strong growth. During the first half of 2015, the number of reservations at B&Bs was 39% higher than in the same period last year, and the number of accommodations increased by 18%. Especially couples without children choose bed & breakfast, statistics of, the world’s largest B&B website, show. Continue reading

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B&B destinations that suit you perfectly


B&B destinations that suit you perfectly.

The first warm days of spring are a fact, and slowly, the summer vacation is coming into sight. Do you have no idea what your vacation is going to look like yet? No stress, to make it easier for you we have lined up various B&B types. That way, choosing your perfect vacation will be a piece of cake! What type are you? Continue reading

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