4 tips for keeping an up-to-date Calendar

Maintaining correct availability information is of the utmost importance for online reservations. As a B&B owner, you are often busy. Fortunately, there are four handy ways to help you keep an up-to-date calendar. That prevents double bookings and a whole lot of stress!

1. Know the basics for keeping an up-to-date Calendar

It is always useful to know the basic skills of the availability calendar so you can keep an up-to-date calendar at all times. Once you get the hang of it, you can keep track of your online calendar in an instant. It is also possible to block whole periods or add reservations manually. Then you can collect more reviews. View the options step by step and learn how you can manage the calendar.

Calendar management method

2. Choose a Channel Manager

Is it possible to book your accommodation through multiple online platforms? Then it is advisable to work with an external channel manager. With a channel manager, you can manage your availability calendar, and the reservations that come in through the various channels, all in one central place. When you work with this system, the calendars of the different channels are continuously synchronized automatically. It is the most efficient and effective way to have an up-to-date calendar, and avoid double bookings!

More information about Channel Managers

3. iCal system

If you use an iCal link, you can forward changes from one online calendar to another, simply and for free. This works with many systems, including the calendars from Airbnb and The iCal system ensures that availability information is automatically retrieved every six hours. It is also possible to manually synchronize the data at any time so that you always have an up-to-date calendar.

More information about iCal

4. Link the calendar with

If you also have a listing on, having an up-to-date calendar on is really simple! By using our synchronization settings, the availability information on your presentation page on is retrieved in real-time from This handy function can be perfectly combined with iCal and is completely free for members of

Calendar link with

We are happy to help you!

By utilizing the options described, an up-to-date calendar is feasible for everyone. B&B’s of which the availability turns out not to be correct, are temporarily shown in the search result with B&B’s of which we cannot guarantee the availability, until the calendar is up-to-date again. Are you still having trouble connecting your calendars, or do you have questions about channel managers? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to assist you!

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