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Did you know that….? Key information about bed and breakfasts; Did you know that….? Key information about bed and breakfasts

In which European countries are bed & breakfasts the most expensive and where the cheapest. How many guests does an average European B&B welcome per year and how long do these guests stay. You can read it all in the research report ‘Bed & Breakfast in Europe – occupation, turnover and other key figures‘. 

A few findings:

  • A European bed & breakfast has an average 3.2 guest rooms and 7.8 places to sleep.
  • By far, the most B&B’s (80%) fall into the category of one to four rooms.
  • The largest accommodations can be found in Austria and Portugal. In the Netherlands, the accommodations are the smallest.
  • From the European research it appears that shared sanitary fittings are relatively rare these days. About 88% of the guest rooms have a private washing basin, 88% also has a private toilet and 81% has a private shower.
  • With slightly over half of the B&B’s, the guests have their own entrance.
  • The majority of the B&B’s offer breakfast, especially in Ireland, Great Britain and France.
  • From the European B&B’s, 88% has its own website. Most bookings are received via booking websites such as

B&B Guests and overnight stays
On a yearly basis, an average European B&B has 270 guests, who together, bring about 521 overnight stays. This sums up to 1.9 nights per guest. Remarkable is that one fifth of the guests stays in a European B&B for work or business related reasons. The busiest months for a B&B are May, June, July, August and September. Especially Saturdays are popular.

Bed & Breakfast room rates
The increasing popularity of bed and breakfasts is partially thanks to the favourable plpricing. While an overnight stay in a 3-, 4-, or 5 star hotel easily sums up to an average of € 100,- per room, in a B&B, a guests pays an average € 74,- for a room. This price is based on a two person occupation, including (possible) tourist tax and breakfast. The most expensive B&B’s can be found in Belgium and Great Britain; the prices are lowest in Germany and Austria.

Publication ‘Bed & Breakfast in Europe’
The publication ‘Bed & Breakfast in Europe – Occupation, turnover and other key figures’ offers a wealth of information about bed & breakfast in Europe. The publication contains lots of indicators which the starters, as well as the seasoned B&B-owners can use to their advantage. The report in digital form costs € 12,95 including VAT; subscribers of BBE pay only € 9,95. Order the report now >>

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