Energy-saving Measures for your B&B

Running a B&B consumes a relatively large amount of energy, which means that the costs can quickly add up. However, with energy prices rising every day, energy-saving measures can offer a bit of relief. Read all the tips quickly!

Tips from the market

How do B&B owners deal with rising energy prices, and what energy-saving measures have they already taken? To gain insight into the market, we presented this question to B&B owners on our social media channels. This resulted in many practical tips, some of which we would like to share with you. Perhaps you could also apply these in your own accommodation:

  • Heating that the owner can turn down remotely if guests forget to do this themselves when they are out during the day | De Koesfabriek
  • An A4 sign requesting the guest to be economical with the gas and electricity during this time | Hofstede Naederhuyse
  • Renovation of a monumental building, installing double glazing, solar panels, floor insulation, insulated walls, pellet stoves and sensor lamps | B&B De Stadssingel
  • Installing solar panels, a heat pump and infrared heating in the bathroom | Hidden Pearl 
  • Disconnecting all the plugs when the guest leaves to prevent power leakage (refrigerator, TV etc.) | B&B De Graaf van Campen

General energy-saving measures

In addition to the tips from B&B owners, there are also many general tips that you can use to reduce your energy bill and make your B&B more sustainable. That starts with good insulation. Every building loses most heat through the roof, walls, windows and floor, so it pays to insulate your accommodation better. That way, your guests stay comfortable, and you emit less CO2 at the same time. You can do the insulation yourself and/or leave it to a specialist. Think of roof insulation, floor insulation, cavity wall insulation and HR++ and triple glazing.

More sustainable heating sources

The prices of natural gas are rising, making sustainable alternatives and smart solutions increasingly interesting. Solar panels, heat pumps, infrared panels and smart thermostats are becoming popular. It is advisable to check in advance with the (local) government whether you are eligible for certain subsidies and/or allowances. You can also save a lot of money on various fronts with the following tips:

Tips to save on heating

  • Set the thermostat one or more degrees lower
  • Turn the thermostat low at night
  • Leave the thermostat low if there are no guests during the day
  • Close the curtains at night
  • Stick insulating window film on the windows
  • Lower the temperature of your central heating boiler, for example, to 65 degrees
  • Place radiator foil between the wall and the radiator
  • Seal seams and cracks with draft strips or excluder brushes
  • Continue to ventilate sufficiently, e.g. ventilation grilles

Tips to save hot water

  • Insulate heating pipes under the floor or in the attic
  • Install water-saving shower heads
  • Put a water-saving nozzle on taps
  • Place thermostatic taps in showers and kitchen(s)

Tips to save on lighting

  • Take advantage of natural light and use light colours in the interior
  • Use LED bulbs
  • Install dimmer switches
  • Reduce the amount of decorative lighting

Tips to save on consumption from electrical appliances

  • Use electrical appliances as efficiently as possible. For example, try to avoid running washing machines half-loading. A full refrigerator uses less energy than a half-filled refrigerator.
  • Connect (standby) devices to a power strip with a switch. Switch them off when the devices in question are not in use.

More tips

Do you have any good tips that you would like to share with other B&B owners? Leave a comment below this article!

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  • Dear Elena,

    Here at Summer Lodge we are ecstatic that we are certified as a Sustainable & Green Travel Accommodation Provider.
    It is an honour to be recognized by those prestigious programmes, which were created with travellers in mind, that helps them book with confidence when looking for sustainable experiences as they know what to expect during their stay. Developed by leading travel platforms including Trip Advisor, Booking & HRS, sustainable & green travel programmes are designed in partnership with the UNWTO Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, the EU Ecolabel, the Energy Star program, the US Green Building Council, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative. Each sustainable & green travel programme makes it easier for environment-minded travellers to select accommodations that meet a distinct set of eco-friendly criteria. As we’re moving our business towards sustainability in energy and in order to qualify for those awards, Summer Lodge passed a series of requirements, including the following green practices, selected for their high impact potential and verified by independent sustainability experts :

    o Part of consumed electricity is sourced from the national renewable energy power plants network
    o Energy saving light bulbs throughout the building & lighting controls in external areas
    o Energy-Star qualified guest room appliances & energy/water saving washing machines
    o Installation of wall mounted cooling fans instead of energy consuming A/C units
    o Water heated by solar thermal system installed on our roof
    o Measurement and record of electricity & water consumption on a regular basis
    o Regular checks to ensure energy and water equipment is working efficiently
    o Tree shading & selective plants in the gardens to keep building cool
    o White painted combined with planted (green) rooftop to reflect/reduce the summer heat
    o Water efficient showerheads and toilets in guest bathrooms
    o Use of alternative water sources for watering gardens and cleaning our hotel’s exterior
    o Limited use of chemicals for the water treatment in the swimming pool
    o Implementation of organic gardening practises & non-toxic pest control
    o Towel & linen reuse programme with option to opt-out of daily room cleaning
    o Use of recycled toilet paper & eco-friendly certified cleaning products
    o Keep away from using plastic single-use products according to the EU directive 2019/904
    o Completed waste assessment in accordance with the community’s waste & recycle management system
    o Recycling bins in common areas for different types of waste such as paper, glass, plastic & metal
    o Participation to local educational activities related to the objectives of the eco-friendly tourism
    o Staff training on implementing the hotel’s green practices & sustainability in tourism
    o Encourage guests to walk, bike & use public bus instead of hiring cars
    o Support the protection society of sea turtles in Crete and participate to their voluntary projects

    We strongly believe in making sustainable travel choices easier for everyone. If done with respect for local communities, environments and biodiversity, travel can broaden horizons, reduce barriers and bring people closer together.

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