Synchronisation with Channel Managers; Synchronisatie met Channel Manager

If you promote your B&B on various channels and waste a lot of time updating calendars, a Channel Manager can offer a solution. With a Channel Manager, you can manage all your bookings at a single central location.

What is a Channel Manager?

A Channel Manager is a system that gives you an overview of all your bookings on different platforms at a single central location. Calendars and other information from the various channels are automatically synchronised. Thanks to this synchronisation, there’s no need for you to manually update the availability calendars, rates and restrictions on every separate platform. This will save time, giving you more time for your guests.

Choose a Channel Manager

We use the most prominent Channel Managers and are working on expanding our list. If you’re planning to use a Channel Manager, choose one from the below list. That way, you can be sure that your selected Channel Manager is one that can be linked to

  • 5starDesk
  • Beds24
  • Cloudbeds (MyAllocator)
  • CultSwitch
  • E4jConnect (VikWP)
  • HotelConnect
  • HotelRunner
  • OctoRate
  • Reseliva
  • Roomcloud
  • RoomRaccoon
  • Stardekk/Cubilis
  • Wubook
  • MyTourist

Other options

There are several organisations which use one of the above mentioned Channel Managers to create a connection. If you are connected to one of these organisations, a synchronization will be possible as well:

  • 5Stelle
  • Amenitiz
  • AmicHotel
  • BBPlanner
  • Bookzo
  • Lodgegate
  • MappingMaster
  • Recranet
  • Redforts (Oscar)
  • Wix
  • Booking Südtirol /
  • ParityRate

Using a Channel Manager to link your calendar

It is easy to link your Channel Manager to All you need is a code, i.e. a generated key. This key can be generated using the ‘Synchronisation settings’ in the Owner’s Portal. Then you can send this key to your Channel Manager by email with a request to link to Your Channel Manager will make sure that your calendar gets linked.

Generate key

Using the Channel Manager for booking requests

When you receive a booking request via, it reaches us in the form of a ‘pending request’. The Channel Manager will retrieve this information from us and process it within the system. Depending on which Channel Manager you use, the requested period will immediately be blocked off.

However, your Channel Manager might only block off the period once you’ve changed the status of the request to ‘Booked’ on Whether booking request dates without a ‘Booked’ status are immediately blocked off therefore depends on your Channel Manager. Ask your Channel Manager for further information.

Synchronisation errors

The link with is always created by the Channel Manager. This Channel Manager controls the link and can view link errors and the reasons for such errors. So, in case of any possible synchronisation errors, please contact the Channel Manager. The Channel Manager will, in most cases, be able to resolve the problem. If not, the Channel Manager will send us the error notification so that we can look into the problem.

Link using iCal

The calendar can also be linked to other platforms such as, Airbnb and You can use the iCal system to do this.

Link your calendar using iCal

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